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If you are seriously considering building outdoors then this is the place to be. Inside you'll find ideas, plans and strategies to help you with your outdoor building projects.

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Patio Ideas - Plans, strategies and ideas for the do-it-yourselfer!
Brick patio ideas you can do yourself. Plans, strategies, ideas and photos to make your outdoor patio project a success.
Build a brick barbecue - Ideas, photos and how tos for the do it yourselfer!
Build a brick barbecue - Everything you need to get outdoors and enjoy your own barbecue!
The Brick Fireplace and How to Build It
The brick fireplace and everything you need to know about building them
Brick Fire Pit and How to Build It
The brick fire pit and everything you need to know about building them
Imitation Brick Siding and How To Use It
Imitation Brick Siding and everything you need to know about it
Laying Brick, Tips, Hints and Strategies
Laying brick: tips, tricks, plans and strategies
Brick Furniture and How To Build It
Brick furniture tips, tricks, plans and strategies
Brick Oven and How to Build It
Brick oven tips, tricks, plans and strategies
Types of Brick, Advantages and Disadvantages
Types of brick and when to use each kind
Brick Suppliers to Get You What You Need Now
The best brick suppliers at your fingertips!
Other Outdoor Projects for the Do It Yourselfer
Other outdoor projects for the do it yourselfer to choose from
Barbecue Ideas - Ideas and photos to help you build that perfect barbecue!
Brick Barbecue Ideas - Take a look at some of these barbecues and see if they don't help you build your very own!
Barbecue Location - Where in the world is the best place to locate your barbecue
Barbecue Location - Finding the best spot to locate your barbecue is critical.
Prepare the Barbecue Base - Your barbecue is heavy. You'll need a strong base
Prepare the barbecue base - Your brick barbecue will be heavy, you'll need a strong base to support it.
Patio Brick Pavers - A General Overview
Patio Brick Pavers - What they are and how to lay and install them
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