An outdoor brick fireplace is the perfect gathering spot for friends and family

An outdoor fireplace makes for a cozy place to enjoy cool evenings. Brick fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional as well. Build an outdoor patio fireplace yourself to save on money. Pull up a chair and snuggle up while you roast some marshmallows and enjoy a pleasant evening out of doors.

InstructionsDifficulty: ModerateThings You’ll Need:

* Shovel * Premixed cement * Trowel * Bricks * Mortar * Pen * 4 foot by 4 foot sheet of steel sheeting * 4, 3 1/2 foot lengths of rebar


Pick a place to build the fireplace that will be free of debris, plants and shrubbery. Choose a place that is opposite of the direction that the wind usually blows.


Dig a hole in the ground that is 4 x 4 feet. Line the edges of the square hole with 6 inch wooden forms. Pour three inches of mixed cement in the hole. Put 3 1/2 lengths of rebar on the wet cement, one foot apart. Pour another 3 inches of cement on the rebar.


Smooth out the cement. Slope the base, slightly, from the back of the fireplace to the front of the fireplace. Let the cement cure for two days before completing further work.


Spray the bricks with water 24 hours prior to installing them on the fireplace.


Lay the bricks on the bottom of the brick fireplace without any mortar. Trace around the bricks with a pen once the shape is right. Remove the bricks. Spread a layer of mortar inside the tracing. Lay the bricks out on the layer of mortar.


Build up the walls of the brick fireplace, beginning at the corners. Spread 1/2 inch or mortar between each layer of bricks. Fill in any spaces at the corners with mortar. Tap each brick into the mortar with a rubber mallet.


Continue to build of the walls to the desired height. Attach a piece of 1/4 inch steel sheeting to the top of the fireplace. Spread a layer of mortar on top of the sheeting. Lay the bricks on the sheeting, tapping each into place. Let the fireplace cure until the mortar is completely dry before using it.

Brick Fireplace